Emerging Strategies for Mind-Body-Spirit Integration

October 18–22 Toronto, Ontario


Group Rates

How to Apply for a Group Discount

Discounts Apply to full Main Conference Registration Only.
Group discounts do not apply to student or presenter rates.

  • 10% discount for groups of three to 6
  • 15% discount for groups of 7 or more
Invite Someone New & Save up to 15%!

Note: The group rate is offered in hopes that past attendees will invite those who haven’t attended the conference before.  If no one in your group is a new attendee we strongly encourage you to invite someone who hasn’t attended before.

Select a group leader. Have the group leader call 416-221-5639 or email to admin@caiet.org to receive your group discount code PRIOR TO submitting registrations. The group leader will need to provide a list of the names of each person in the group. Each person in the group will use the same code. Everyone needs to sign up within a 3 day period.

Registering Online:  Fill out the registration form. When you get to the checkout page, there is a box for promotional codes. Put the group code in the box and click “APPLY” to receive the discount. If you are registering online the group should register within a 3 day window of each other.  To sum up – the group leader gets the group together, gets the code, and then tells everyone the code and to register within 3 days.

Registering by Fax or Mail: Fill out the form, put the group code in the appropriate space and take the appropriate deduction (Remember that the percentage off applies to the  main conference only).  It is far better for the group to come in one envelope. If that is not possible, make sure that everyone mails their envelope at the same time.

Group Discount FAQ

Can 2 people register for the conference at one point and then add a third person at a later date to make a group.
No, You cannot form a group post hoc.  Get three people together before the next price increase deadline and then call in for the code.
If I have a group of 3 people and form a group and get a code, can a fourth or fifth person join our group after the fact?
Yes, you can give them the same code that you used.  But they will be charged at the current price.  Furthermore, you cannot upgrade the discount to 15% by getting two additional people after you have your 10% code.  Remember, the main group needs to register together.  Only after that can you add someone on.
What happens if not everyone in the group registers and we drop below the threshold for the discount?
In such an event, everyone in the group will need to pay the higher rate. The office will notify you if this is the case. For example, if you had 10 people in your group and got a 15% discount, but only 5 or 6 actually sign up, the group rate drops to 10% and each person will have to pay the difference.
If I register a group of 5 and we have our code, can we add a 6th person later to get the 15% group discount?
Yes! Let us know and we can adjust the discount associated with your code. Just remember, there is a strict window of 10 days to use the code. Also, please note you cannot upgrade to the 15% discount if you have already registered.
What happens if I get a group of 6 people together and we get the code, but then only 5 people sign up?
Each person in your group will have a balance due.  For 5 people, the discount is 10%. You will get a letter about it.  You will have a balance owing which can be added to your credit card or you can pay the difference at the door.
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